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Paygistix Gateway features a suite of products that enable you to provide not only a payment gateway for your software but also provides access to a host of peripheral payment options as well, all without requiring you to do more development work. 

In today’s continuously changing environment of security standards, Payment Logistics works diligently not only to stay ahead of upcoming changes in security standards but also to seek out new ways to allow your customers to simplify the annual process of PCI DSS compliance and in some cases place them almost fully out of scope with the compliance burden.

Paygistix is available as Paygistix Client and Paygistix Web; as well as the payment gateway core itself. The suite is interconnected allowing users of any of the products to access the functionality of other products.

Paygistix at its core may be partially implemented in instances where your software is already developed and you wish to keep certain functionality within your software; particularly in instances where you are looking to expand your offerings and are willing to accept some of the compliance burden.  

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Paygistix Client

Paygistix Client software is primarily designed for developers of non-hosted software that are looking to integrate the full functionality with all the potential options available in the Paygistix Gateway Suite of Products.

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Paygistix Web

Paygistix Web is particularly designed for developers of hosted software that are seeking maximum functionality for their software end-users.

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