Partnering with Payment Logistics

Partnering with Payment Logistics goes beyond our payment gateway. We take your success as seriously as you do which is why we are always looking to assist you in making your software more marketable to your end-users and ways to assist your merchant end-users in their efforts as well.

Partnering with Payment Logistics comes with the added advantages that are inherent to our in-house support and continuing development team. That team will assist you on the road to PA-DSS and your merchant end-users with their PCI DSS compliance.

Partnering with Payment Logistics can also provide you a stream of passive, residual income as well as assistance in marketing to increase that income stream. The highlight of this income opportunity is that you get the full opportunity without sacrificing the marketability of your software product because we don't limit the ability of your end-users in choosing their own payments processor.

The Payment Logistics Advantage

Paygistix Advantage

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Income Opportunity

Reward yourself with long term income while giving your merchant end-users the best possible solution to their electronic processing needs.

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