Risk Removal & Processor Neutrality 

There is no better advantage than being removed from the Scope of Payment Application Data Security Standards. Removing your software from that scope eliminates the risks that non-compliant software exposes their developers to. 

Removal of your risk through a full integration with Paygistix Gateway also helps to reduce the cost of developing your software by eliminating the costs associated with the development and maintenance of software that meets all Payment Application Data Security Standards.

Removing your risk while maintaining a processor neutral position allows you provide a comprehensive solution to your merchant end-users without them being boxed into a processor not of their choosing.

Since your solution is processor neutral; Paygistix is the only integration you'll ever need to deliver everything your client ever need. 

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The Paygistix Solution

Payment Logistics has developed all the flexibility you need into their Paygistix Payment Gateway, providing you with all the options you require, all without losing any of the functionality you want to keep within your software. Keeping our technology relevant keeps your software relevant.

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Access our Open APIs for in-depth information concerning our Secure Payment Gateway and methods of integrating with it. 

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