Paygistix Web resides on our secure servers and is designed to be used primarily with hosted software products. By utilizing Paygistix Web developers are able to remove themselves from the scope of PA-DSS and thus from the burden of compliance with those standards.

Payment Logistics will work with you to integrate Paygistix Web into your software and will help you to market software that vaults you to the forefront of a very competitive marketplace where your ability to ease the compliance burdens of your merchant end-users is an attractive alternative to the struggles merchants confront today in trying to meet the standards of set forth by the PCI DSS. 

Paygistix Web delivers the same great features as Paygistix Client such as a Secure Report Portal and Gift and Loyalty Card Processing.

In some instances Paygistix Web may be the best solution for your non-hosted software, as well. Developers can request access to our Document Library for more information regarding these instances.

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Is Paygistix Web for You?

Paygistix Web is particularly designed for developers of hosted software but may also be the right choice for your non-hosted product.

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Eliminate Your Scope of PCI DSS Compliance

Use our Open APIs to integrate payments into your application why removing it from the scope of PCI DSS compliance. 

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