In-House Support

Payment Logistics maintains a PCI DSS compliant secure data storage facility for operating its Paygistix Gateway suite of products. We offer you the opportunity to host your software on our secure data center as well as billing options for your end users.

Our in-house support staff and our developers are available to assist you in getting the most out of the integration of our payment gateway. Our staff can help you find ways to to expand your functionality to your merchant end-users and to reduce the costs associated with providing that functionality. In-House also means that we are always there to assist your efforts.  

Partnering with our support staff means that you're not alone and that we understand our success is directly related to yours.

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Open APIs and Sample Code

Integrate next generation payment technology easily with our Open APIs and sample code. 

Open APIs and Sample Code

The Solution

I already understand the risks and compliance burden associated with PA-DSS and am seeking solutions that remove my liability.

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