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Paygistix, is a robust secure payment gateway designed to bring all of your electronic payments into a single, secure, and central location that is easy to use and manage.  

Whether payments are accepted virtually online or physically in an office or retail environment, the Paygistix payment gateway securely facilitates the transaction and allows for the easy management of those transactions.

Users of Paygistix can accept transactions easily while meeting the stringent demands of PA-DSS and PCI DSS without the expense and burden that would otherwise be associated with those security standards.

Even more importantly, you will be able to market your software as a tool that helps merchants easily meet their PCI DSS requirements while giving them the payment options they are seeking. 

Paygistix offers the option of Processor Neutrality for your software product, giving you an advantage in the marketing of your software product. By using Paygistix to take your application out of the scope of PA-DSS compliance, you gain a valuable tool that can help you drive sales and retain customers.

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The Paygistix Solution

Payment Logistics has developed all the flexibility you need into their Paygistix Payment Gateway, providing you with all the options you require, all without losing any of the functionality you want to keep within your software. Keeping our technology relevant keeps your software relevant.

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