As published by PCI SSC, Tokenization technology replaces a Primary Account Number (PAN) with a surrogate value called a ―token. Specific to PCI DSS, this involves substituting sensitive PAN values with non-sensitive token values, meaning a properly implemented tokenization solution can reduce or remove the need for a merchant to retain PAN in their environment once the initial transaction has been processed.

In practice that allows your merchants to accept electronic payments, such as credit and debit cards, as they always have and that data is transmitted to Payment Logistics secure data storage facility. A unique reference pointer, a token, is created for each transaction that the merchant initiates. That token is utilized and possibly even stored for future use by the merchant end-users.

The main benefits of tokenization technology are:

  • Helps merchants easily comply with PCI DSS
  • Completely eliminates any liability associated with storing cardholder data
  • Allows for future scheduled or recurring billing to occur securely
  • Helps developers reduce their application's scope of PA DSS compliance

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