Developing Security

As a developer, it is imperative to understand the path to compliance with the Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA-DSS).

The problem for most developers is the burden of both time and money, making it prohibitive for them to offer a truly secure electronic payment acceptance application without the help of a third party that specializes in secure payment applications.

Paygistix is secure solution offered by Payment Logistics that is designed to allow you, the developer, to focus on your software functionality by removing all of the burden that the PCI SSC has mandated; while also allowing you to offer flexibility and options to your end-user clients.

We invite you to use these pages to become informed of industry regulations that control your ability to market your product, become aware of a solution that meets your needs today and has the power to propel your product into tomorrow.

What's the Relationship between PCI DSS and PA-DSS?

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The road to PCI DSS and PA-DSS compliance can be time consuming, treacherous and filled with pitfalls, contact a compliance expert to get guidance to help you. 

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The Solution

I already understand the risks and compliance burden associated with PA-DSS and am seeking solutions that remove my liability.

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